Tasty CHEAT: No-carb, low-cal, cloud bread hot dog rolls 5 years ago

Tasty CHEAT: No-carb, low-cal, cloud bread hot dog rolls

If you can't resist the salty, mustard-y loveliness of an all-American barbecued hot dog, you'll know it's not quite the same without the bun.

However, at 120 calories a pop, those buns add up. Plus, if you're following a low-carb plan, they're expressly forbidden.

Step forward cloud bread, the super low-carb, four-ingredient "bread" that took the entire internet by storm. Since the recipe became the number one go-to snack in every dieter's little black book, clever cooks have been getting creative with the recipe, making everything from shortcake to pizza.

Now, just in time for barbecue season, the SugarfreeMom has invented a way to turn a cloud bread loaf into a plate of fluffy cloud-bread hot dog rolls - and all you need is a few pieces of oven-safe cardboard.

Here's how she does it:

First, make a batch of cloud bread batter:


6 eggs, separated
6 Tablespoons cream cheese
Half a teaspoon baking powder (or cream of tartar)

Optional: 1 Tablespoon honey or natural sweetener, salt, garlic powder, rosemary


Pop it in a dish...


Then you add five pieces of oven-safe cardboard to separate the rolls and make the slits.


When they're cooked, they should look like this:


Then you grease a pan and fry the sides in coconut oil to make them nice and crispy.


Add a hot dog, a squeeze of ketchup and a dollop of mustard and devour!


Images and recipe: Sugarfreemom.com