How to make the perfect cup of coffee (according to science) 3 years ago

How to make the perfect cup of coffee (according to science)

We are all prone to a little java addiction over here at HerFamily.

If there is one thing that can get us all going in the morning (after midnight monster-under-bed chasing and pre-dawn wake-up calls), it is a steaming hot cup of coffee.

And we are not alone in our dependency. It is estimated that more than 2.25 billion cups of the stuff are drunk globally every day.

But much as we have a tendency to fling our hard-earned cash at the local barista, how many can actually say they are able to make the perfect cup of coffee at home?

Well, now you can learn. According to the Daily Mail, experts from Taylors of Harrogate and Oxford University will tell you that there are certain steps you can take that will ensure that your daily cup of joe taste as good at home as it does in the coffee shop on the corner.

Here is their top advice for brewing the perfect cup of coffee:

1.Pick the right beans

When you are buying coffee beans, opt for Colombian ones, according to the experts.

2. Grind them at home


That way, your beans will taste fresher. And adjust the grinding to what type of coffee you are making (course consistency for cafetiere, fine for espressos )


3. Choose a cafetiere

Cafetieres are best for making strong coffee at home (use 60 grams of coffee for every litre of water).

4. Adjust your brew time

Brew for four minutes exactly - any longer and the brew will become bitter.

5. Use filtered (bottled) water when making your coffee

This, apparently, gives a "cleaner" coffee taste to your brew.

6. Add milk

Low-fat is the better option, as this has smaller globules of fat, hence those result in a greater aroma from the coffee than full-fat milk.'

7. Use a white mug