Here's What You Need To Do With All That Leftover Chocolate 6 years ago

Here's What You Need To Do With All That Leftover Chocolate

Current status: two hyper children under the age of five.

Chocolate levels in house: high, plus six un-opened eggs in the boot of my car.

Argh, how did this happen? Despite my best efforts to avoid over-doing it on the chocolate front for the kids (i.e. I made 'Easter Activity Bags' with stickers, crayons, bubbles and a few mini eggs instead of buying actual Easter eggs), the following happened:

  1. My mam bought the pair of them Easter Eggs
  2. My best mate bought them Easter Eggs
  3. We went to the Barnardos Cadburys Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and possibly came away with a year's supply of eggs and other chocolate items (it was brilliant)

All in all, we're all having a great, chocolate-filled weekend, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Not only are my kids completely hopped up on sugar now, but so am I.

I have been sneaking the odd half an egg into my gob under the illusion that I'm 'doing the kids a favour' when in reality, I'm as much a chocolate addict as they are.

So now what? Well now, we melt everything down and make something amazing out of all the leftovers, that's what!

Shane at Mud Bakery has sent us the most mouth-watering Rocky Road recipe, and we never needed it more than we do today (we're also drooling over his Instagram page!)



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The basic chocolate mix ingredients are as follows:

300g 55% Chocolate
125g Unsalted Butter
3 TBSP Golden Syrup

Break up chocolate into chunks, put into pot with golden syrup and butter and heat slowly on the hob until melted and silky.

You now need 300g of your favourite biscuits smashed up. This can be a mix of a few or one type. A few ideas are as follows:

Ginger Nuts
Hob Nobs

A good idea is to throw them in a large sandwich bag and smash them up using a rolling pin (the kids will love helping with that!)


Mix these into the chocolate mixture.

You now need to add 150g of a combination of other yummy items. Here are some ideas:

Mini Marshmallows
Dried Fruit
Smashed Malteasers
Chopped up Mars Bar/Crunchie/Twix - all your Easter Egg leftovers!

Mix them into the chocolate mixture which by now should nearly be all absorbed into the other ingredients and be of a dropping consistency.


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Line a 23cm square cake or brownie tin with a couple of layer of cling film and throw in your silky, delicious rocky road mixture.

Smooth down with the back of a spoon, and chill in the fridge for about two hours.

You could then drizzle some white chocolate over as a nice contrast and place some mini eggs on top, leave it all to set again and then cut into 12 or 16 squares.

Best served at room temperature!

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