This simple 3 ingredient recipe is bound to keep the kids happy this summer 1 week ago

This simple 3 ingredient recipe is bound to keep the kids happy this summer

These look delicious!

Having two small children I'm always on the lookout for quick and easy recipes that we can whip up together.

Both of my kids love bananas so when I spotted this speedy snack I knew it would be very popular with the pair of them.

To recreate these banana bites shared by Mom Life all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

What you'll need - bananas, peanut butter and melting chocolate

1)Cut your banana into slices.

2)Spread a layer of peanut butter onto a slice of banana and sandwich it with another slice.

3)Melt chocolate either in the microwave or over a bowl of hot water


4)Dip your banana bites into the melted chocolate and then place on a tray covered in cooking paper

5)Place in freezer until the chocolate has set

6)Let stand till they are room temperature (or soft enough not to break any little teeth)

If your child has a nut allergy or simply doesn't like peanut butter it can be substituted with other fillings.

Try some pudding, jam or even another slice of fruit like strawberry to recreate the recipe to your liking.

Cooking with the kids is a great activity, especially when trying to find things to do over the school holidays.

We've many simple recipes in our food section so why not take a peek and get making some delicious summer treats!

You'll get to keep the kids occupied and have yummy food to eat at the end, win-win!