Tight on kitchen space? Check out these 6 storage solutions 7 years ago

Tight on kitchen space? Check out these 6 storage solutions

When you become a parent, any space that you once had in your home is soon taken up by the ever-increasing baby paraphernalia; especially in the kitchen. (That's my experience anyway.) Here's a few ideas that might help clear up some much-needed space, while making you feel really organised at the same time.


1 Divide and conquer


There's nothing wrong with shoving everything into a drawer and hoping for the best. Until you have to open it again and find something. Organisation really is the key when it comes to utilising space, which is why we love these drawer dividers from IKEA.


2 Hang indoors


When you've got limited floor space, use a retractable clothesline indoors, rather than a freestanding clothes horse to dry your washing.



3 Get pegging


Make a pegboard wall organiser to hang your kitchen utensils, or whatever, from. Not only will it save on cupboard space for that all important blender; steriliser; or whatever, but we think it looks pretty cool too. Apartment Therapy will show you how to get the pegboard look.


4 Put a lid on it


Pan lids are a bit of a nuisance to store, so put them on a towel rail and save some of that cupboard space for things that can't be stored in this clever way. What else would you use a towel rail for anyway? (Apart from hanging towels, obviously.) Find out how to make a pan rail at Instructables.



5 Work that under-the-sink space


Hang a basket using command hooks, to hold all the small things that sometimes get lost in all the big things in your cupboard - like wet sponges and brushes. IHeart Organising will show you how.


6 Utilise the sides 


If you're looking for a place to hang kitchen utensils, it might not be an obvious place but you could always try the side of your kitchen cupboards. Not Martha will show you how to use a cabinet handle to do the trick.