Tote bags for your wine exist and we're going to need one ASAP! 2 years ago

Tote bags for your wine exist and we're going to need one ASAP!

Our new favourite mammy accessory.

Picture the scene.

It's Saturday.

The sun is shining and your bottle of rose is chilling.

You're meeting your best friend in the park.

Now all you have to do is find a handbag that will fit your bottle of rose.... or do you?

Popular fashion brand Nasty Gal has just launched a new range of tote bags for your wine and we're obsessed.

The totes come in two sleek monochrome styles so that they can be mixed and matched with any outfit.


Nasty Gal recently found that searches for parks near me have doubled since the announcement of
eased restrictions.

Their  research also found that there’s been a huge increase in searches for picnic baskets and  plastic wine glasses have increased.

So to help us all get to our brunch picnics in style Nasty Gal created their new stylish wine tote bags.

We can definitely see ourselves rocking these wine tote bags this summer.

Now all we have to do is decide which colour we like the most (or you know, buy both).

If you want to get your hands on one (or two) wine tote bags for yourself or a friend the ‘Stop and Smell the Rosé’ totes are available to but from the Nasty Gal website and are priced at €19 each.

Nasty Gal are also running a sale at the moment so you might be able to pick up a nice summer hat and shades to go with your new chic wine tote bag.