My 'trick' will help your chocolate apple 'treats' go a lot further on Halloween 9 months ago

My 'trick' will help your chocolate apple 'treats' go a lot further on Halloween

This is a brilliant idea!

This year is the first year I get to be the one handing out sweets on Halloween night.

Up until a few months ago we were living in an apartment, so the neighbourhood kids wouldn't bother knocking.

Now that we actually properly get to do Halloween this year, I wanted to make my favourite treat chocolate apples.

The only problem is that there are loads of kids where we live and I would need an orchard out the back to make individual chocolate apples for all of them.

That's when I came across this hack which makes your chocolate apple treats go a long way further.

Rather than giving out whole apples instead give out sliced chocolate apples.

As well as helping to make your apples last longer, they're also a lot easier for children to eat and safer on their teeth.

Simply slice up your apples, coat them in melted chocolate, add whatever sprinkles or decoration you would like and leave them to dry.

If you're having some adult friends over during the night you could also make some fancy versions with dark chocolate and salted caramel. Yum!

I honestly can't wait to make these and, of course, test out one or two in the process.