Trying for a baby? Eating chocolate could help! 5 years ago

Trying for a baby? Eating chocolate could help!

Everybody knows that you have to eat everything in moderation - especially things like crisps, chips and chocolate.

But chocolate actually has a lot of benefits (we checked), especially if you are trying to get pregnant.

Here are some of the qualities that make it good for prospective parents...

Contains antioxidants

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants which Fertility Associates says are good for prospective parents. Antioxidants also help to combat stress which can affect fertility.

Improves mood

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which makes you more excited and thus boosts your sex drive and we all know that sex is a requisite for getting pregnant.

It's satisfying


An Italian survey apparently found that women who eat chocolate on a daily basis have higher libidos and are more satisfied. More satisfaction means more orgasms and more orgasms mean more chance of becoming pregnant.

Rich in L-arginine

According to a Mail Online article, dark chocolate contains this amino acid which is said to "increase the volume of ejaculate and improve sperm count and motility."

Boost energy

If you’re feeling low on energy and need some stimulation, you usually reach for some of the good stuff which is why it’s also good for when you want to get busy between the sheets.