Two Words: Chocolate Cheese. Dreams Do Come True! 6 years ago

Two Words: Chocolate Cheese. Dreams Do Come True!

Chocolate cheese is an actual thing now and all my food group dreams have come true. Australian cheesemongers Curds & Whey who have a stall at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, have just produced 'Choco 21' and, I think we can safely say, just won food.

The creators describe the delicious concoction as an Italian blue cheese that has been fermented with chocolate liqueur, dusted with a rich layer of cocoa and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Honestly lads, just reading that has me drooling.

But (just as I was about to book my flight and pack my personalised cheese knife) the sad news is that they have already sold out! Not only that, but there is now a waiting list according to my fromage friends' Instagram. Yes, a chocolate cheese waiting list.

So, to all my friends who have (wisely) emigrated to southeastern Australia...I beg you...please...make a freezing cold Irish girl happy and send me some Choco 21?



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