Unicorn Hot Chocolate Exists And It Is Truly MAGICAL 6 years ago

Unicorn Hot Chocolate Exists And It Is Truly MAGICAL

2016 was, in many ways, a pretty grim year.

But if we were going to name one good thing that happened, we are going to have to go with the unicorn food trend.

There were unicorn cakes, and unicorn bagels and even (unrelated to food, but still) unicorn hair and unicorn eyeliner.

And now, we have just discovered the possibly best unicorn invention of them all. Behold the unicorn hot chocolate. Yep, this magical drink exists and it is like an total IRL fairy tale.

The woman behind this pink fluffy dream drink is Joanna Czikalla — owner of dessert parlor Crème and Sugar in Anaheim, California.

And every since Instagram users started posting images of their unicorn drinks on the social media site, the internet has been going total ga-ga. And it is easy to see why.


How does she make them you might wonder (as I assume you are dying to recreate this at home – obvs). Well, according to the creator, the drink is made with white hot chocolate that is dyed pink and topped off with colorful marshmallows and a mixture of sprinkles.

Sounds handy enough, no?

(Feature image via TeamSparkle/Instagram)