What do we all think of Mrs. Hinch’s new fridge milk hack? 8 months ago

What do we all think of Mrs. Hinch’s new fridge milk hack?

Do you think that you'll use this hack in your home?

Mrs. Hinch is well known for her cleaning tips and tricks, but it is a food hack that has her going viral this time around.

Using a simple gadget, that you can apparently pick up on Amazon, the Influencer and mother of two says she has perfected how to make the perfect quick cup of tea and we're intrigued.


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The famous Instagram mum captioned the post saying;

"Well this has made my year, Amazon purchase!! YAAAAAS!! Making a cuppa or a bowl of cereal will NEVER be boring again."

In the video Hinch demonstrates the gadget while saying that it has changed her life.

The gadget in question is a drink dispensing lid, which can be popped on to just about any bottle top.


Hinch goes on to say that while her husband thinks she's mad, she thinks the gadgets are the perfect way to get milk into her tea cup with minimal hassle.

In the video you can see Hinch gently tap against her bottle of milk in the fridge to add milk to her tea cup instead of fumbling with the cap.

In the background you can hear Hinch's husband say 'just pour the milk in' and I have to admit I'm a little on his side.

While a gadget like this is handy for cups of tea or coffee, if you wanted milk for a recipe or cereal, it would make things more awkward.

I suppose one way around it would be to have one bottle of milk that you put the dispenser in and another for pouring milk from.

What do you think? Would you use a gadget like this in your home?