You can now get Heinz-everything delivered to your door, even baby's yummy food bundle 2 years ago

You can now get Heinz-everything delivered to your door, even baby's yummy food bundle

Brought to you by Heinz

Oh, we do love good news.

When things get mad and chaotic (we're thinking lockdown) it's Heinz to the rescue!

It's as if, like us, they know the exact kind of panic that ensues when the last dollop of ketchup is used and our Heinz resources have been utterly depleted.

No doubt, right now we're only shopping for groceries when we absolutely have to, and so, running out of our favourite things, all the while juggling work and the kids, has us fearing that most undesirable moment — when key ingredients finally run out.

Well, glorious news, we can now avoid the chaos and nab our much-loved Heinz foods anytime because Heinz now delivers!

We kid you not, whether it's Heinz Tomato Ketchup that's desperately needed to help get food in those bellies, Beanz Meanz Heinz to quell an angry appetite or Hoops, soups, mayonnaise or baby foods — we can now have them delivered direct to our door for a tiny €3 delivery fee, by shopping online at Heinz to Home.


We can even subscribe to a Heinz bundle that caters to our particular needs, like The Essentials Bundle, The Sauces Bundle or The Stage 1 Baby Bundle which includes a range of yummy jars, pouches and tubs. Essentially, you can choose to make a one-time purchase or have your favourite goods delivered each week if you please.

The announcement of Heinz'z first online shop for product deliveries in Ireland also means we can get personalised products for all the family with a simple click too. We're thinking this might just be the perfect gift for those ketchup-mad individuals at home or something fun to gift at Christmas.

Heinz knows all too well how much-loved and acquired their food products are — so we say, what perfect timing. It's handy, it's simple and it's saving us time and money.

So now, what to have for dinner...

Wait no longer and have your delicious foodie fix at Heinz to Home online and check out the service on Twitter too.  After all, home is where the Heinz is. 

Brought to you by Heinz