Get organised: 10 easy home organisation projects to tackle over the weekend 1 year ago

Get organised: 10 easy home organisation projects to tackle over the weekend

Isn't Sunday just the perfect day to try and pull your whole life together again...?

You know – getting you ready for the new week and feeling like you are on top of things?

I love nothing more than a few organisation projects to get stuck into over the weekend, knowing I'll thank myself for it once it's done. Why? Because I have come to realise – and science agrees –  how we always feel calmer and more in control when our surroundings are clean and uncluttered.

Sounds good? Here are 10 easy projects to get started on this weekend:

1. Organise your wardrobe

We are on the cusp of a new season, and so now is the perfect time to go through your wardrobe, donate what you don't need, store away summer clothes, and really take the time to consider what clothes you need – and what you love wearing. Build your wardrobe around this, make note of what you need to be on the lookout for and tidy everything so that getting dressed in the morning becomes a breeze. You will thank yourself for this, trust me.

2. Stock up on pantry items – and store them so they are easy to find and use

A well-stocked pantry will save you, even on days when you literally have zero time and the kids are driving you bonkers. Stock up on things like tinned tomato, lentils, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds, stock cubes etc, and you will have the basis for lots of meals at your fingertips.


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A tidy pantry with a pop of color – I’m giddy. ? Photo by @wherehayleylives.

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3. Give your plant babies some TLC

Most houseplants need watering only once a week, so make this your weekend job. If your plant is drying out every few days or stops growing, it may need repotting, and taking off dead and dying leaves and cutting brown tips off of leaves will help you plant stay nice looking.


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I'm doing an experiment on my baby rubber tree ? I added some of my used coffee grounds in the dirt a few days ago just to see what happened and theres like 3 new leaves peeking out now ? Has anyone else tried this? (Also I used decaf grounds cause that's what I had so I dont know if that makes a difference lol) I've heard banana peels are a great fertilizer too but I cannot bring myself to grind them up ? Anyways, tidied up the kitchen and the little ones & I are heading outside for some popsicles ?? What's your Tuesday afternoon looking like? ☀️ ... ... ... #thenewbohemians #mycrumbshome #hometakestime #thatroomiseverything #doingneutralright #earthinspiredhome #mykonmari #myspaceanddecor #aabhome #myinterioroasis #ispyraddesign #walltowallstyle #mystylishspace #apartmenttherapy #theeverygirlathome #interiorstyling #myinspiringinterior #myhousethismonth #bohohomedecor #styleithappy #planteriordesign #bohointeriors #scandiboho #bhilivebeautifully #jessimobsessed #pantryorganization #pantrygoals #kitchensofinstagram #kitchendecor #whitekitchen

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4. Tackle that pile of post on your hallway table

Cut down on junk mail (put up a 'non-ads please' sticker on your post box), create a system for answering mail, and declutter and shred what you no longer need.

5. Organise your tech bits


Most homes these days have their fair share of chargers, ear pods, spare cords, and what have you nots. Save yourself a lot of time and stress by keeping it all organised and neatly stored.


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How to organize an electronics bin ? #thehomeedit #getorganized

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6. Clean out your fridge

It's a job we often put off, but being able to hit the grocery store and re-stock your week's worth of groceries in a clean fridge is such a glorious feeling.

7. Sort out your lunch boxes and storage containers

Often, these things end up a bit of a mess, with lids missing, latches broken and containers having gone through the dishwasher so often the colour and design have faded off. Take stock of what you have, make sure you have lids for every box, make a note of what needs replacing, and figure out a space in your kitchen to store all these together. It will make life easier.

8. Create a morning coffee station in your kitchen

Because you will be so grateful you did.


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How to create a coffee + tea station ☕️ #thehomeedit #getorganized

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9. Clean your drains

Pour ½ cup baking soda down your drain, followed by ½ cup white vinegar. Allow it to sit for 10-20 minutes, then pour boiling water down the drain.

10. Clean out your nightstand

A cluttered, busy nightstand puts you in a stressed state of mind just before bed. And probably makes you feel stressed and frazzled before work in the morning, too. Goal: Remove items that don’t serve a purpose for you when you’re in or near your bed. Less is more.