We asked an expert how to ensure our cats and dogs aren't spooked, this Halloween 1 year ago

We asked an expert how to ensure our cats and dogs aren't spooked, this Halloween

Halloween is a fun night most of us look forward to.

However, keep in mind if your family has a pet, especially a cat or a dog, this is often not the case for them.

Because although we love the thoughts of fireworks, trick-or-treaters and bonfires, your four-legged friend does not. But luckily, Village Vets, the family-owned and run clinic, has kindly shared their top tips and tricks for pet owners to put in place before the spooky night arrives.

  • Safe space: Ensure your pet has a safe place to hide when they feel frightened by the noise. Whether it’s underneath the stairway, in the corner of the kitchen or beside you on the sofa, close the curtains and mask the outdoor noise by playing music
  • Trick or treat: If children are calling to your door, make sure that your four-legged friend is securely confined so they cannot stray through an open door or react negatively to scary costumes 
  • Licking: Spread peanut butter onto one of your pet’s toys, this will encourage them to lick it off and reduce their stress levels
  • Halloween sounds: To ensure your pet is familiar with noises of Halloween, why not play sounds of fireworks at a low volume before the spooky day and gradually increase the volume as the night draws nearer

  • Fancy dress: Please be aware that some pets may find it stressful being dressed up. If your pet is happy to wear a Halloween costume, then please be conscious of the length of time that they have it on. The costume should only be on the pet for a short period of time. Please also avoid string, lace, tassels and buttons on the costumes as the pet may eat home
  • Talk to your vet: If your pet gets very scared on the lead up to Halloween, talk to your local vet as there is a variety of treatments and medications that can help
  • Microchipped: Ensure that pets always have effective identification and ensure they are wearing a collar with identification, in the event that it escapes from the house

For those who have any concerns or issues with their pet’s health during the Halloween period, Village Vets provides a 24/7 emergency vet service at all 10 clinics.