The 'Cast-Iron Collection' is dropping in Aldi soon and it's absolutely stunning 2 years ago

The 'Cast-Iron Collection' is dropping in Aldi soon and it's absolutely stunning

Purple ombré, shut the front door.

I don't know if we're getting a bit older or WHAT the craic is but by God... cast-iron cookware makes us incredibly happy!

The fact is cast-iron, traditionally anyway, comes at a pretty penny and we're just not about that '€500 for a pot' kind of life. Enter the Aldi special buys to bring a bit of designer style in at a price that won't leave us in tears. Yes, their massively successful cast-iron collection is back and this time there's more colours and options to choose from than before!

Mark your calendars because the 'Cast Iron Collection' will be available in Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, September 10th and we're pretty sure it will sell out instantly because LOOK HOW PRETTY!


This is the cast-iron mini cookware in purple ombré that retails at at just €10.81, we're obsessed with these tones but the entire range also comes in grey ombré or matte black.

Check out the shallow casserole dish below which can withstand heat of up to 250 degrees celsius and comes in at a very do-able €24.58.


The griddle pans, which retail at €17.69, are sure to make your guests jealous and honestly it doesn't even matter if you're not that good in the kitchen, these pots will make you want to do better!

Ok, we're getting too excited now.

All the prices for these durable pots are below but be warned I will be first in line for the entire plum ombre collection.

Casserole Dishes:

  • 20cm Cast Iron Casserole Dish €24.58
  • 26cm Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish €24.58
  • Cast Iron Casserole Dish €29.50
  • Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish €29.50

Griddle pans and trays:

  • Cast Iron Mini Cookware choose from skillet, dutch over casserole dish or frying pan €10.81
  • Cast Iron Skillet/Griddle Pan €17.69
  • Cast Iron Griddle Tray €19.66
  • Cast Iron Roaster €24.58