GAFF Shop: The curated secondhand online interiors store with sustainability at heart 1 year ago

GAFF Shop: The curated secondhand online interiors store with sustainability at heart

Secondhand, but make it curated.

There's a new sustainable secondhand online interiors store launching soon - a far cry from the social media market places we're so used to browsing.

GAFF Shop, from GAFF Interiors, is the latest homeware and interiors venture from Caroline Foran and Jo Linehan.

A spin-off platform that connects sellers of beautiful pre-loved homewares and furniture with like-minded buyers, GAFF Shop wants to change the way we think about decor... and the way we buy it too.

The concept behind GAFF Shop is simple: it's an expertly curated shopfront allowing buyers to contact potential sellers with an item they're interested in, and arrange payment and collection or delivery that suits both parties.

Caroline and Jo

If you’re a buyer, you can have a look through the homepage for an item you'd like to purchase. Before making contact you will know everything you need to know about the item: its price, its condition, where the seller is located and exactly what you’re about to buy, complete with clear imagery that promises no trickery or filters.

If you're a seller, you'll register an account, follow the ‘how to sell’ guide, and submit your product for approval. Once it’s live on GAFF, it’s ready to be shopped.


“Sustainability is now one of the fundamental cornerstones of any company that wants to secure its long-term future," says Jo.

"Thanks to our demographic of socially conscious and creatively minded audience of over 24k followers, GAFF is in a unique position to help create a much needed circular economy within the interiors sector.

"By connecting pre-loved, high quality products with interested parties, we are not only helping to circulate items and extend their lifespan, we are also helping to shift the consumer conscience away from the 'buying new is best' mindset and towards an appealing second-hand shopping and buying experience."

Jo says that the growth of resale economy in the fashion industry proves that the same could also be possible for interiors.

And why shouldn't it? People have always bought secondhand furniture to save a bit of cash - why not do it to be mindful of the environment? And to find some really special pieces too?

GAFF Shop launches on July 1. 

You can find out more about GAFF Interiors here, or follow GAFF on Instagram here.