My neighbour keeps spying into my house, what should I do? 8 months ago

My neighbour keeps spying into my house, what should I do?

What would you do in this situation?

It's always great when you can get along with your neighbours, but what do you do when they step over the line?

One mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently asked what do you do when your neighbour is constantly spying on you in your own home?

Posted to parenting forum Mams Ireland, the worried mum wrote;

"Would it bother you if a neighbour was looking out their top window into your garden and kitchen?

Our neighbour is constantly looking at us when we're in kitchen or garden and its driving me nuts"

Many agreed in the comments that it was indeed creepy and that similar issues had turned them off moving into properties in the past;


"We viewed a house once about 18 years ago. The house was perfect in every way but I spotted someone in the house behind looking in. It gave me the creeps so we didn’t buy the house. I knew it was going to be a problem."

Others in the comments felt that there was a big chance the neighbour didn't even realise what they were doing and that the mum in question should put up some curtains for privacy;

"Are you sure they’re looking at you and not just gazing into the space beyond? It must be very annoying but don’t get overly upset unless your sure they’re watching you. If your going to speak to them, you need to be level headed. Personally, I’d get some sort of net curtain but then again if your open plan with patio doors or something you don’t want to do that either."

Overwhelming the main response was to go and have a chat with the neighbour and hash out the issue before it becomes something more than it is.