Parents build two tiny homes on their property for their teenagers to live in 1 month ago

Parents build two tiny homes on their property for their teenagers to live in

Would you do this?

Growing up, for most of my childhood I had to share a room, which I didn't mind but it would have been nice to have my own space. It was only in my very late teens that I had a bedroom all to myself.

This is pretty standard in most homes and teenagers that do get their own room are no doubt glad of the privacy.

These two teens however have privacy and independence on another level after their parents decided to build them both their own tiny homes.

A lot of us have heard of the new trend of tiny houses and have probably fallen down a rabbit hole on social media looking at photos of them.

It's absolutely incredible what you can fit into these tiny spaces and to be honest, they give me inspiration for storage saving solutions in my own home.

The Brinks family recently decided to expand their family home to give their growing children more space but rather than build on an extension, they built some new homes complete with beds and living rooms to chill with friends.

The family renovations weren't just for the kids as the Brinks parents also built a 180 square feet pool house too.

The friends of these teenagers are so lucky.

Something like this of course wouldn't suit all families but I know personally I would have been all for having my own tiny house when I was a teenager.

Living central to most of the major universities and colleges in Dublin, my kids will probably stay at home through their student years so I might have to consider this down the line for my own home.

Got to keep my fingers crossed I win the lottery before then.