PSA: You can now rent a pop-up gin bar to your Dublin gaff 3 years ago

PSA: You can now rent a pop-up gin bar to your Dublin gaff

Requirements: you living in Dublin, obviously.

Admit it, you miss the pubs don't you?

You miss the atmosphere, you miss the buzz, you miss paying approximately €12 for one drink after being ignored at the bar for a solid 10 minutes.

But what if you could rent a lovely little pop-up gin bar in your Dublin gaff, for all of those lovely little outdoor socially distant parties you're planning to have?

Be a decent enough shout, in fairness. And as it turns out, now you can.

The pop-up gin bar, unsurprisingly, comes from the guys over at Pop Up Gin Bar, who have been busy preparing the portable bar to make an appearance in your very garden.

"The pubs will soon be open, but that experience will be very different to what people in Ireland are used to," says Sharon Kane from Pop Up Gin Bar.


"Going out to enjoy a night at the local is a luxury that has been unavailable to people for a number of months, but with the Pop Up Gin Bar you can bring your local to you.

"It's a lovely addition to a little garden party, very quirky and eye-catching and it adds a real sense of occasion to having a gathering at home. It’s a hassle free way to make your garden party really memorable."

Getting yourself a pop-up gin bar is a simple enough feat. All you do is put in a booking and the gin bar will be delivered to your Dublin home by a team who will assemble it in five minutes.

As well as the bar, you’ll receive glass holders, six gin goblets, an ice bucket, mixing trays, cocktail shakers and, according to the guys at Pop Up Gin Bar, "a few surprises to make that lockdown lock-in extra special."

All you need to is serve up the drink. Sound.

You can make a booking with Pop Up Gin Bar by contacting: