Sage: The kitchen colour you are about to see everywhere in 2022 1 year ago

Sage: The kitchen colour you are about to see everywhere in 2022

Dreaming of giving your kitchen a bit of a makeover next year?

Then you might be interested to know about the one colour interior design experts first fell in love with this year, and that is about to really go mainstream for kitchens in 2022.

Say hello to sage – the most deliciously pretty, soothing and trendy shade there is – and trust me; you will be rushing to your nearest Homebase or B&Q the minute you finish reading this article.

Yep, it's true. Sage kitchens are about to be everywhere in 2022

I mean; how pretty is this?!

The world of interiors has been obsessed with the colour green in general over the past couple of years. A result, many speculate, comes from living through some seriously crazy and unprecedented times, making us all long for the stability and comfort of nature and the natural world.


And when it comes to shades of green, sage really is hard to beat.

The colour is, in our opinion, so utterly perfect for kitchens – and the ideal choice if you are looking to add a bit more colour to your home, but want something that isn't too 'in your face' either.

Sage is the perfect mix of grey and green, meaning it is as calming as the aromatic plant from which it gets its name— and yet it is anything but boring. Unlike a safe eggshell or taupe, sage delivers a definitive punch, especially when used all over.

The best bit? It pairs really well with tons of other textures and materials as well, such as wood, brass, steel or even marble for your countertops.

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