Upcycling: 3 fab ways you can reuse those glass candle jars 1 year ago

Upcycling: 3 fab ways you can reuse those glass candle jars

If you are as obsessed with gorgeous, scented candles as we are, chances are you are forever left with a ton of empty glass jars.

Especially this time of year, when we have one lit every night.

But when the candle is all burnt out, what do you do with the empty glass jar?

If the answer is throw it out, we got some news for you.

Upcycling is all the rage these days, and we have just rounded up three seriously pretty reasons to do just that with your empty candle jars this winter:

1. Turn them into pretty planters

Ever thought about turning your empty candle jars into little mini planters? No? Well, you should. Just take at how pretty these are.

(Image and idea via A Pair & a Spare)


2. Use them as a glam desk tidy

It is so much easier to be productive when your surroundings look good, no? Which is why we are planning on cleaning ut some pretty candle jars and turn them into pretty storage containers right now.

(Image and idea via Blonde Boss Babe)

3. Keep your bathroom shelves tidy

Goodbye, messy bathroom shelves – and this is exactly how we plan on keeping them tidy from here on out. The beauty of aving everything in glass containers is that finding what you are looking for becomes a breeze.

(Image and idea via Gritty Pretty)

(Feature image via Gritty Pretty)