Wrap up! Met Éireann predict it's going to be freezing this week 5 months ago

Wrap up! Met Éireann predict it's going to be freezing this week

For many people, it's the first week back in work after the Christmas break.

But along with the dread of having to start working again, we have to deal with the cold.

Met Éireann has revealed that it's going to be icy this week, and today we're going to see patches of rain and mist. Wonderful.

The weather forecaster said it's going to be "mostly dry today. Early frost over Ulster and north Leinster clearing quickly. A few bright spells, but rather cloudy overall. Dull and misty elsewhere, with scattered patches of drizzle. Top temperatures of 5 to 10 C., best in the southwest. Winds light southeasterly."

Meanwhile, tonight will see frosty patches across the country.

"Staying largely dry and mostly cloudy tonight, although patchy drizzle will still occur, chiefly near Atlantic coasts early on, but transferring to southern and southeastern coastal counties later in the night.

"A few clear spells at times, in northern and eastern areas, with a patchy frost, as temperatures dip to between zero and plus 3 C. Less cold further south and west, with lows of 4 to 7 C. Mist patches will also form in the light east to southeast breezes."

Wrap yourselves up!