Coronation Street's Mikey North on the idea that Gary Windass is new super villain 3 months ago

Coronation Street's Mikey North on the idea that Gary Windass is new super villain

Could it be?

Late last year, Coronation Street showruner Iain MacLeod announced that a beloved Weatherfield resident would be dying as the Underworld factory collapsed.

He explained that the factory collapse is going to appear as an accident at first, however the mystery will be "revealed to be a mystery and it'll have been some kind of criminal enterprise that causes it all to fall down."

There are six official suspects as to who may be behind the roof's collapse, including Gary Windass.

The builder recently cut corners while repairing the Underworld roof, doing a simple patch-up job instead of the pricier full-repair it actually needed.

And with tragedy set to strike Weatherfield in a few days time (the roof collapse storyline is set to kick off on Monday, FYI), Gary soon finds himself a prime suspect.

Mikey North has weighed in on whether Gary could be the long-running soap's new 'super villain' that fans have been waiting for.

He said:

"Gary came into the show as a bit of a 'chavvy villain', I always say. He was fiery and always getting into scrapes, sometimes on the wrong side of the law – he's a Windass after all.

"Then he joined the army and suffered with PTSD which has impacted on who he is now. It would be great to revisit that side of his personality if the opportunity arises.

"It's always nice to see things come full circle with a character. He was like that once so it's definitely within him. Gary's got into a lot of scrapes along the years – he's had more fights than Mike Tyson – so I'd definitely be open to that."

So it's not an outright yes he could be the villain, but it's not exactly a 'no' either.

The actor said that the builder is immediately worried he's going to be liable in some way for what has happened, since he was the one who did the work on the roof.

He continued:

"Gary’s in the Platt's, he and Sarah have gone upstairs for a bit of alone time, then they hear the roof coming down and they run out onto the Street and see the devastation.

"The first thing that goes through Gary's mind is are they going to blame me for this because I’m the one who did the work on the roof.

"He told Carla it needed replacing and yes it’s come down a lot sooner than either of them ever expected but is he going to be blamed for being negligent.

"Gary’s worried that he’s going to be in some way liable for this."