Couple will pay €62K for a nanny who will adhere to these strict Victorian-era rules 7 months ago

Couple will pay €62K for a nanny who will adhere to these strict Victorian-era rules

They're on the lookout for a new nanny and their list of needs has caused quite a stir.

Posting the ad online, the parents expressed that they’re enforcing a very traditional method of raising their seven-year-old son.

So traditional that they compared it to how children were raised during the Victorian era.

“We need someone who is going to be able to get on board with the direction we’re taking with our son,” they wrote on ChildCare.

“He’s only to be allowed one hour a day to play, and regardless of what activities you plan for him, he must remain in his best dress.

“Our son is also not allowed to access any kind of recreational technology such as games consoles, computers and television, but will have access to board games, books and traditional wooden toys.”

Other daily requirements include one hour of non-fiction reading every day to “develop his knowledge of our society”.

The strict parents also want to stick to other traditional Victorian parenting habits like showing their child minimal affection “in order not to spoil them” but will allow them to shake his hand and a kiss on the head before bed “if necessary”.

In exchange for adhering to these strict rules, the successful candidate will earn around £55,000 (€62,188) a year and 25 holiday days.

They finish their ad by acknowledging their “unconventional” parenting style but say they “believe that in the long run, it will turn him into a reputable and virtuous adult that can make a real impact to the world we live in.”

No word yet on whether they've found the right person.