Dad makes his daughter a 'princess castle bed' for her birthday 7 months ago

Dad makes his daughter a 'princess castle bed' for her birthday


Warning, if your little girl sees this and she's a princess fan, you're will be hounded until you find a similar model.

Equally, if you're mum to a little boy and he gets wind of the below rocket ship bed, then you're going to be hearing about it immediately.

Taking to Reddit to share an image of the adorable pink and purple bed, complete with turrets and a massive crown, this father said he received "daddy points" for his daughter's third birthday as a result of his genius invention.

I mean, how cute is it?!!!

Scored big "daddy points" with my daughter 3rd birthday present. Her very own princess castle bed from daddit


People were so impressed by this creation that it wasn't long before he shared another item he's made previously, a rocket ship bed for his son.

Using just paint and wood, this dad fashioned presents from scratch and there's no denying that his children will treasure them for years to come.

Imagine the hours of entertainment they'll get from playing with these...although getting them to sleep might prove even more difficult than usual!

Was asked to show the rocket he'd I made for my son ? from daddit