A dad has shared a video on YouTube of what can only be described as mouldy gunk coming out of his child's bath toy. Without saying anything on the video, he simply shows the toy to camera, squeezes it and out pops the sediment.


Along with the video, he said:

"Any toys that hold water, that squirt water, or otherwise do not dry completely in an hour or so - throw them out. Your kids chew on these, drink out of them, and otherwise trust that they are clean because they are in a soapy bath, after all.

All of this mold came out of this toy AFTER some had already squirted out in the bath, again onto a bath towel, and then what you see here. If I cut it open I'm sure I would find more.

There is no way for these squeeze toys to dry completely so they sit, with water in them, in dark moist places - and it is mold paradise. If you have any now, throw them out.

If your kids insist on using them, throw them out after the first bath. They are cheap and there are better bath toys out there."


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