Meghan Markle has apparently inspired this bizarre trend in the United States 5 months ago

Meghan Markle has apparently inspired this bizarre trend in the United States


There are a lot of people in the world who look up to Meghan Markle, and we don't blame them.

She's an awesome woman.

Anyway, it seems as though her influence is more impressive than we thought.

Apparently, women all over the United States have started enrolling in etiquette classes.

The goal is to be more like the Duchess of Sussex, the woman who bagged herself the most eligible bachelor in the world.

American-British etiquette guru Myka Meier has actually quit her PR job to launch her own business, because the demand is so high.

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Now, she holds day long “Duchess Effect” classes which often sell out at £535 per person.

Myka's website describes what people can hope to get out of the classes:

You'll learn “how to get in and out of cars correctly; Princess poise and posture and how to make an entrance”.

The hope is that you will leave the course with the ability to "emulate the style, poise and grace of one of the world’s most famous women."

So, what is Myka's background? (ie: what gives her the right to teach people how to be  more Meghan?)

"Beaumont Etiquette was founded in Kensington, London, just steps away from many historic British Royal Palaces and residences."

The website describes her qualifications.

meghan markle

"With a degree in communications and over 10 years experience in the luxury, lifestyle and fashion markets, Myka worked in both New York and London focusing on PR and integrated communications for international celebrities, global CEOs and some of the most esteemed consumer brands."

"Myka has worked with members of the British Royal family and had two years experience working on a global endeavour initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales."

Brushing shoulders with Prince Charles, so she must be good.