It looks like Meghan Markle received a FAB push present from Prince Harry 5 months ago

It looks like Meghan Markle received a FAB push present from Prince Harry

Did you spot Meghan Markle's new ring?

It looks like Prince Harry gave his wife a rather gorgeous 'push present' to mark the birth of their first child.

The mum of one made a surprise appearance at the Trooping of the Colour celebrations last weekend and her new piece of jewellery didn't go unnoticed.

It appears that the former Suits star has a new gold ring which she's been wearing with her engagement and wedding bling, see below photos.

Meghan Markle loving magpies have been chatting about the ring online and it appears to be a thin gold band set with pavé diamonds.

This would follow the traditional eternity ring style which tends to feature a precious metal, often gold, set with a line of identically cut gemstones - diamonds, more often than not.

Eternity rings are also described as infinity rings and are said to symbolise 'everlasting love'.

They are often given to celebrate major milestones in a couple's relationship such as the birth of a child or a special anniversary.

Of course, there's no confirmation that the ring is actually a push present but considering the timing and choice of Meghan's new sparkle, you can see why people are putting two and two together.

The Duchess of Sussex is currently on maternity leave and is not expected to take up any official royal engagements until the end of the summer.

However, fans were delighted to see that she stepped out for the annual balcony appearance on Saturday and showed their appreciation by sharing photos online.