Man says he wouldn't date a single mum and gets a LOT of different reactions 6 months ago

Man says he wouldn't date a single mum and gets a LOT of different reactions

How would you react to this?

A single, childless man took to Mumsnet - which is a bit of a mystery - to ask user's opinions on dating single mothers.

In the post, he said that he was having a conversation in work about dating and one woman said she doesn't date short men, to which he replied that he wouldn't date a single mother.

He asked the platform users if he was being unreasonable to say this and he got a lot of mixed reactions.

The man wrote:

"Just had my head bitten off at work for saying that I wouldn't date a single mother! We were talking online dating (a hypothetical for me) and my coworker said she filters out short guys and people who smoke.

"Conversation flowed, I piped up and said I would filter out single mums and they turned on me, saying I shouldn't be so narrow minded! Surely I am not alone in saying I wouldn't want to date someone with children? Why is so much worse than not dating short/smoker etc?"

Many people replied to the post with varying opinions. One replied saying that, "Well maybe because cigarettes are not kids?"

And another said:

"You came on a parenting website to ask this question. Interesting.

"I'd suggest listening to the people who were talking to you and ask why they were upset. Unless your aim was to get a bunch of single mums online riled up. Then carry on."

While other mums said that they appreciate his honesty:

"I used to be a single mum and would have appreciated the honesty so I didn't waste my time. It's a big undertaking to have a long term relationship with a single parent."