Mothers comment on whether they feel judged for being stay-at-home mums 1 year ago

Mothers comment on whether they feel judged for being stay-at-home mums

Nobody should feel judged for being a stay-at-home mum.

To be honest, it's nobody's business what you do with your life and you can live it anyway you see fit.

But one mum took to Mumsnet to say that she sometimes feels awkward because she's a long-time SAHM.

She wrote:

"I think it's accepted when your dc are pre school age that you take some time out, but once they're at primary... secondary and have decided to continue to SAH, do you feel judged and/or embarrassed? Because I do.

"My dd is 11 and bar a bit of child minding, I've been a SAHM the whole time. My dd has additional needs and I have recurring depression and anxiety, both factors to me not working. I am also fully aware that I am able to do this, as my DP earns a very good salary and so I appreciate I'm lucky in that respect."

Many mums replied to the post, with one saying that in the grand scheme of things, nobody really cares. One wrote:

"Generally I find no one cares. Or is that interested. I am a sahm. Most of the fellow school mums I know do work buy I actually have no idea what 95 percent of them do."

While another said:

"It was a problem for me too but then I realised that when people asked me what I do and I said SAHM they probably only looked blank because they were thinking 'Bugger, what am I going to ask now?' so I talk about what I do and they seem to quickly latch onto that and it's all good."

What do you think?