Mum doesn't know how to approach teacher who is sharing her son's stationary 5 months ago

Mum doesn't know how to approach teacher who is sharing her son's stationary

Budgeting can be difficult.

If you have a whole family to look out for, and money is tight, sometimes the most simple things can make a budget slip a bit.

But while money might be tight, we're still not too sure about this teacher deciding to share one of her students stationary with the whole class - especially when they're all asked to bring their own.

The mum wrote:

"So DS is in year 7, I had to buy all his equipment (glue, pens, pencils, etc), as the school does not provide anything. I have no argument with this as I know that schools are struggling, however, he has told me that he’s run out of his gluestick and needs a new one, as his teachers make him share all his stuff with others in the class. We are on a major budget, and I struggle to pay for things like this. Aibu to be annoyed about this."

Many mums replied to the post, saying the best course of action would to be to talk to the teacher.

One wrote:

"Write a note to the teacher to clarify. Ask if students are to provide their own equipment for their own use and, if so, why has your equipment been handed out to the rest of the class. Inform her that it's already run out and you will now have to replace much sooner than expected, which you cannot afford to keep doing."

While another said that she should just not buy a new one:

"If you’re struggling to afford a new one just don’t buy one. He can borrow someone else’s or use the teachers for a while.

"I don’t see what complaining will achieve. It’s not going to mean the school or other parents have more money for glue-sticks."

What would you do?