Mums discuss the 'awful' comments they received while pregnant 11 months ago

Mums discuss the 'awful' comments they received while pregnant

No matter if you're pregnant or not, we all receive inappropriate comments from time to time.

Sometimes we fob them off and ignore them, but at other times, it can be hard to, and they really bother us.

However, mums have come together on Mumsnet to share the most awful comments they received when they were pregnant, and one thing's for sure - we're not alone.

One mum said:

I never had any comments I couldn't laugh off however I don't know why but people staring at my bump when they walked past me upset me more than any comments! I know it's ridiculous but I noticed it a lot and it made me feel really self conscious!

While another wrote:

The only one that was particularly irritating though was 'i can't imagine you with a baby' which I got a lot!

This one had a good comeback:

Someone loudly asked me if I had expanded with the heat a few weeks ago! I just laughed it off while seething inside wishing I'd turned round and asked her - no have you?

Well, this was rude:

My nerdy male colleague said 'ooh that means you've been having sex'.

And this was possibly ruder:

During the (inevitable) chat with stranger in supermarket queue. 60yo woman ‘My sympathies, pregnancy is horrid’.

We all just have to remember to ignore the horrible comments, and know that we are happy in ourselves.