Kids and party invites: when do you know when to go (and when not to)? 2 months ago

Kids and party invites: when do you know when to go (and when not to)?

Ah, birthday parties.

We probably head along to more birthday parties now than we did in our childless days as it feels like every kid in the class has a party every other weekend.

One thing is for sure anyway, our kids have a way better social life than we do at the moment.

However, when do you know if they were really wanted there? And how do you feel about last minute invites?

A mother took to Mumsnet to ask the question after her son received an invite to a party for the next day.

She said:

"To think it is rude for DS to get an obviously second round invite to a birthday the night before? Would you do it if someone pulled out and you had an extra place?"

Many mums replied to the post with varying opinions. One questioned whether it really was a last minute job. She said:

"Are you sure this is the case though? What age is DS, sometimes it can simply be a case of a forgotten invite or if the kids are young forgetting someone from their list."

While another said that she doesn't see it as a major problem:

"If he wanted to go, then I’d take him.

"I wouldn’t be insulted by it or anything, many parties have limited numbers and best friends are obviously the first choice but if one of them drops out why wouldn’t you invite someone else."

Another wrote that she did think it was rude, and there shouldn't be 'first' or 'second' round invites:

"I do think its rude. You draw up your list of invitees and if children cancel (which clearly they have as it is the night before) then you suck it up and it's a smaller party.

"I don't think its acceptable for any occasion whether that's a children party or a wedding to have 'first round' invites and only if your 'preferred' guests can't make it do you invite the people on your 'second round' list."