Prince Harry hopes to keep baby Sussex out of the spotlight 4 months ago

Prince Harry hopes to keep baby Sussex out of the spotlight

The countdown is on until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcome their first child.

But, it appears as though we'll be seeing very little of baby Sussex according to new reports from royal biographer, Katie Nicholl.

According to the journalist, who is releasing a new book on the royals: Harry and Meghan, Life, Love and Loss -  she believes the royal tot will be kept well away from the public eye.

Speaking to Marie Claire, she explained that unlike their parents, the royal children lead quite normal lives. Prince William and Kate Middleton make this a priority with their three children and so, it's on the rare occasion or in official royal images that we get a chance to see the children.

She explained that Harry and Meghan will raise their children the same if not more privately.

"It's going to be really important to Meghan and Harry too. Harry grew up with a constant glare of the cameras on him. I think he's pretty resentful of the media, particularly the paparazzi. He doesn't like photographers. He doesn't like the attention. He's not going to want that for his own children. He's going to want to protect them and keep them away from the spotlight as much as he possibly can."

She then went on to explain that because the Cambridge children are higher up in line to the throne compared to baby Sussex, there's a chance they will be able to lead a more private life.

"Remember this baby is not going to be a future king or queen. It's further down the pecking order than the Cambridge's children so there's every argument for Prince Harry being able to insist on this child having privacy."

But then again, as Harry and Meghan went on to break records as the quickest account to garner the most followings on Instagram... ever, will it be possible for them to keep their child away from the public eye given the vast interest in their every move? Who knows.