The Queen is set to pass this heirloom to Harry and Meghan's baby 4 months ago

The Queen is set to pass this heirloom to Harry and Meghan's baby


As the countdown is on for baby Sussex to arrive, all eyes are on Frogmore House for news to break that a new member of the royal family is coming.

But, since we know the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to keep the birth private, it's hard to know when we'll actually know about the arrival of their first born.

Nevertheless, it appears as though the rest of the royals are prepping for the birth, with Queen Elizabeth setting aside a very special piece of jewellery to give baby Sussex on his or her arrival.

According to diamond expert and gemologist, Grant Mobley, the Queen could be set to give her newest grandchild a Botswana flower brooch.

"The elegant brooch features 11 stunning pear-shaped natural diamonds set in yellow gold," Grant revealed to Marie Claire.

Botswana also holds a special place in Harry and Meghan's heart as it was a place they visited in the early days of their relationship. Harry also chose a Botswana stone for Meghan's engagement ring and so, this present would be very fitting for the pair.

If baby Sussex is a girl, Grant also believes that Meghan will pass down her Cartier earrings, these earrings are the ones Meghan wore on her wedding day.

Lucky girl.