Sarah Harding has singled out this Irish guy for a potential date 1 year ago

Sarah Harding has singled out this Irish guy for a potential date

We're not sure how he would feel about this.

Ex-Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has singled out Bressie as the Irish guy she would potentially date. She admitted this when asked by Lucy Kennedy if she would ever be interested in dating a nice Irish guy.

Sarah quickly responded:

"Well, you know... what was his name, from The Voice, when I mentored with him? Bressie! He was quite lovely, I love Bressie. Ya, he had great banter."

After Lucy confirmed that Bressie is now single, she replied, "Is he? Well, you never know."

Sarah Harding

The conversation was part of the latest episode of Living with Lucy, where Lucy spends time with Sarah in her UK home.

Speaking about the upcoming show, which airs tonight at 10, TV3 has said:

"In-between three whirlwind days of studio TV recordings, photo shoots and media interviews, Lucy gets to grips with the real Sarah Harding as they chat about the difficulty finding love in the glare of the media spotlight, the pursuit of happiness and how to make the perfect frittata.

Lucy chats love and relationships with Sarah and the Girls Aloud singer reveals that former flame and Celebrity Big Brother housemate Chad Johnson is “a little bitch” after he deleted images of the two from his social media accounts."