The Late Late Show lineup for this week includes an exorcist priest 3 months ago

The Late Late Show lineup for this week includes an exorcist priest

The power of Christ compels you... to watch this interview.

The Late Late Show has had some decent enough guests on over the years.

Think Russell Crowe, think Saoirse Ronan, think Joe Wicks that one time he came on and everybody absolutely ripped into him. 

Unjustly so, too.

But this week's Late Late offering is different.

It's so impressive, so spellbinding, so ultimately exciting that you are 100 percent going to want to cancel every single plan you have on Friday night.

Because this week, the Late Late Show is going to play host to a real, live, exorcist priest.

We know.


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Fr Pat Collins will join Ryan Tubridy in the studio to discuss all things demonic, dramatic, and damning, as he explains why there has been such a growth in demand for his services.

And having performed exorcisms for decades now, Fr Collins probably knows what he's talking about.


Also present in the studio will be Mark Lester chatting about his friendship with Michael Jackson and the release of the new documentary, Leaving Neverland. 

Model Amber Jean Rowan will be talking about her alopecia diagnosis at the age of 15, and the Home Of The Year judges will be chatting about, well, the Home Of The Year, probably.

It's gonna be a good one, lads.