David Platt faces prison in Coronation Street as Audrey crime unfolds 5 months ago

David Platt faces prison in Coronation Street as Audrey crime unfolds

Not ideal.

David Platt has not had the best time of it recently.

He's faced issues in his relationship. He's struggled with trust since being sexually assaulted by Josh. He's had to stand by and watch as sister Sarah absolutely ruins herself with Gary Windass.

It's been a difficult enough time for him as of late - and now things are set to get even more woeful as David and Nick Tisley are facing time in prison.

Grim enough sitch.

New previews released by ITV show David and Nick in court about to face the music for what Nick did to Audrey.

David could be facing jail time despite the fact that it was Nick who scammed his grandmother out of £80,000.

The photo shows the pair standing before the court, waiting to be told whether they will be sent down for what happened.

"It's judgement day for Nick and David," reads the caption, as the former looks vaguely uninterested and the latter appears genuinely worried for what is to come.

These scenes will play out some time next week, as David decides to suggest to Shona that they pull their wedding day forward lest he be serving prison time by then.

This suggestion isn't enough to quell the fears of those who think that the couple might be splitting up over all of this mess.

Only time will tell, we guess.

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm on Virgin Media One.