Emmerdale's Joe Tate is dating American actor Lucy Heath 4 months ago

Emmerdale's Joe Tate is dating American actor Lucy Heath

Or rather, the actor who plays Joe Tate is.


Ned Porteous, who plays the dead-not-dead Joe Toe in Emmerdale is currently dating American actor Lucy Heath.

The pair have been splitting their time between the UK and the US and even went to Circus Extreme last night in Richmond together.

How lovely for them both.

“It’s early days but Ned is really enjoying dating Lucy. They have both been in America recently looking for work and grew really close," source told The Sun.

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“Ned usually likes to keep his love life private but has been taking Lucy to various events both in London and LA.

“They have loads in common with their acting work and make a great looking couple – it’s just Ned’s fan who are gutted!”

We'd say so, yeah.

Ned had been spending a lot of time in the States looking for work after Joe Tate was seemingly killed off in the ITV soap.

For awhile, it looked like Graham Foster had killed him and then thrown him in the back of his car.

However, it eventually transpired that Joe wasn't dead at all and that he was just hanging out in Monte Carlo, or something.

The character made a brief appearance in a recent episode via a phone call, but that's been pretty much all from him since his 'death' a while back.

A shame, but hey, he's been living it up in America. What can you do?