Steve Garrigan of Kodaline: "It’s great to see live music back." 1 week ago

Steve Garrigan of Kodaline: "It’s great to see live music back."

"This album is something I’ve wanted to do for a longtime."

This week I got to sit down and have a chat with Steve Garrigan of Kodaline about the band's latest album, as well as finding out how the pandemic affected them and what is down the line for the lads.

You've just released a new album, but it's very different from the albums that you've released before, can you tell me more about it?

This album is something I’ve wanted to do for a longtime, it’s a stripped down live acoustic album.We’ve talked about doing it for years, so to finally have it coming out is pretty special for us.It’s a mix of our favourite songs written and released over the last ten years and some cover songs we would’ve played occasionally too.

How did the pandemic affect the band?

To be honest it hit us quite hard from a touring point of view, we must have had at least a hundred shows postponed or cancelled.It’s great to see live music back.

The album has a lot of meaning with the tracks included in it, is there any song in particular that holds a special meaning for you personally?

I love every song in its own way, each song means something totally different to me and I suppose it depends on what mood I’m in.Each song takes me back to that feeling I had or to the situations I was going through when I wrote them.Right now I would probably say ‘everything works out in the end’ or ‘High Hopes’.


I used The One to walk down the aisle at my wedding and I know I'm not alone in that. How does it feel when you hear of people using your songs for special occasions?

That’s awesome, I hope you had a great wedding day.It never gets old and I have to pinch myself sometimes.I wrote that song as a wedding present for one of my best friends and his now wife, the night before their wedding.I wasn’t even gonna release it as it was a present for them.When people use our songs to mark special occasions it’s incredible feeling, as a songwriter, that right there is what it’s all about.

What inspired you to do the cover versions featured on the album?

We would’ve played those songs at radio sessions and at the odd show over the years and since we started.They’re songs we love as a band.One of our favourites being ‘Sam Cooke- Bring it on home to me’.
I remember a good few years back on tour, we were stuck on the border between Canada and America.They wouldn’t let us through and they held us for a few hours until one of the security guards said ‘Are you guys a band?’ We sang that song acapella and then they let us through.

You're heading on your European tour soon, are you excited?

It’ll be the first time since pre covid that we’ve done a tour like this, so yeah I’m very excited.We’ll also be playing ‘our roots run deep’ the new live album each night, which makes it extra special for us.

Finally, are you guys currently working on any new music?

We haven’t made a concrete plan to release a new album or any new music just yet but I’m always writing and we’re always working on new music, so yes.