My 13-month-old won't walk because she thinks she's a dog 1 year ago

My 13-month-old won't walk because she thinks she's a dog

This is an odd one!

As parents, we come up against a lot of problems but I don't think this mum was expecting to come up against this particular problem...

The concerned mother took to the parenting forum What To Expect to seek advice on this unusual issue.

Posting to the website she wrote;

"Heyyy. My 13 month old isn’t walking!

My friend Rocco who works reception at a doctors says that my baby isn’t walking because she thinks she’s a dog.  I have 3 dogs and she crawls with them. How true is this?

Will she ever learn to walk like a human?"

Not quite your typical parenting problem is it?

Some commenters came to assure the mum with some genuine advice;


"She also sees you... walking upright like a person.
OP, your child will walk when she’s ready. She does not think she’s a dog."

"Don't worry. It is not alarming for a 13 month old to not be walking."

Most of the replies were not quite so helpful though and in fairness when you ask a question like 'does my child think she's a dog' you've got to expect some of these answers;

"No, never.  She'll probably also start barking instead of talking.  Come potty training time, just let her outside with the dogs."

"You should put some newspaper on the floor to start house-training her."

"I stopped heaving into the toilet, just so I can laugh at how ridiculous this question is."

Most called it like it is and told her she needs to start talking to professionals and stop taking advice from random mates;

"Because Rocco works at reception at a doctors doesn’t actually make him a doctor. If your baby isn’t barking or cocking her leg to pee then I’m sure she’s fine."

"Sounds like Rocco needs a new job."

While the conversation started by trying to figure out if a little girl thought she was a dog, it led to the most important question of all;

"Is Rocco ... a dog? Seems suspicious."

Hmm, the plot thickens...

So what do you think?

Does the original poster's daughter think she's a dog or is she just a normal tot learning to walk in her own time?