3 easy-peasy ways to keep the kids entertained in the garden (so you can get stuff done) 8 months ago

3 easy-peasy ways to keep the kids entertained in the garden (so you can get stuff done)

Worried about how the heck you are going to manage to get any work done this week – while also keeping your kids entertained?

If this is you, fear not. Here are three easy peasy things you can get the kids stuck into in the garden – leaving you free to catch up on work, get the washing done, tidy the spare room and sit back and enjoy your (ice) coffee.

Are you ready?

1. Create an obstacle course

The good thing about this one is that you can use pretty much anything to create a fun obstacle course in the garden, there is only your creativity stopping you now. Try with hola hoops, tyres, ladders, floaters, string, rope, buckets, cones, boards…. you name it, it can make a brilliant obstacle course.

Now, all you have to do is sit back on your decking, ice latte in hand, and keep track of how long it takes them to complete the course.


Photo via Listotic

2. Go to the (drive-in) movies


Kids love going to the cinema, but we are willing to bet anything they will love having the cinema come to them even more.

Turn some cardboard boxes into little cars for the full experience, or, if you don't have a house full of empty boxes, make do with picnic blankets and comfy cushions.


Photo via Backyard Retreat Oakville

3. Play a game of Giant Scrabble

Not only will this keep the kids busy (and out of your hair), it will also help keep their little minds sharp while school is out.

Even better, get the whole family (and street for that matter) to play for a fun summer evening.


Photo via Yahoo Lifestyle

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