3D recycled cardboard castles and playhouses perfect for passing the time 3 years ago

3D recycled cardboard castles and playhouses perfect for passing the time

Need something that will keep the kids entertained?

We're into our second week since the schools closed and it can be difficult to achieve the same levels of stimulation that a classroom has, especially when it comes to creativity.

It can be difficult to think of new and interesting ways of passing the time with the kids while also getting their creative cells in action.

If you feel a little stuck in a rut then you might want to check out these cool 3D recycled cardboard castles and playhouses, perfect for keeping the kids occupied.

The Bibabox 3D recycled cardboard colour-ins are available from Irish minimal waste store Reuzi.

The Reuzi store is based in Foxrock Dublin but these fun colour in houses are available to order online from reuzi.ie with next day delivery, yay!

These castles and playhouses are a super way to occupy kids for an afternoon and allow them to get really creative while they colour, paint or collage and then play with what they've made.


During term my child embarks on no end of art projects with his school and having worked in the arts for years I know how important it is for children to be able to express themselves creatively.

These playhouses and castles are easy to assemble with no need for scissors or glue. All you need to do is slot all the pieces together, so even the kids can get involved with the assembly.

Both are made from strong cardboard playhouse that are also completely plastic-free, making for an eco-friendly playtime.

The Big Colour-In Cardboard Castle and the Big Cardboard Colour-In Playhouse are both priced at €44.99 and available to order now through the Reuzi online store.

They also have lots of other incredible ethical products so their site is well worth a browse in general.