4 ways to help teach your child to be grateful and kind to others 1 year ago

4 ways to help teach your child to be grateful and kind to others

As my granny always said 'manners cost nothing'.

Teaching our children to be respectful of others is something that will serve them well their entire lives.

It's never too early to start showing them have to be mannerly and to help here are four full proof ways to put some gratitude in any kid's attitude.

1)Lead by example

Our children watch and emulate everything that we do, so if we show respect to other people, they will too.

Teach them gratitude by displaying it yourself and by telling them regularly the things that you're grateful for, especially the small things in life.

2)Everyday gratitude

Get your children to talk regularly about what they're grateful for. This can be getting to play with their friend in school that day, getting to visit the park or having their favourite meal for dinner.

Going through everything you're grateful for before bed is a great way to remind your child of all the wonderful things that their day has been filled with.

Who wouldn't sleep well with that thought in their head?

3)Remember your Ps and Qs

Thanking people after being given a gift or receiving help is an important lesson to impart to our children and is something that other people will always remember.

My son has been saying please, thank you and excuse me since he could talk and I've had everyone from relatives to his teacher remark on his politeness.

Writing thank you notes is another great way to show how thankful we are. It's not as common a practice nowadays as it used to be so it really stands out in people's minds and also helps to remind your child of the kind thing that person did for them.

4)Charity begins at home

Giving away belongings to charity shops or becoming involved in good causes is something that can start at any age.

There are many sponsored walks and readathons aimed at children that help get them thinking about other people in the world who may not have everything that they have.

Actively participating in charitable causes not only teaches our children to be grateful for all that they have but also teaches them empathy and compassion towards others.