5 easy ways to motivate your kids to help clean their rooms 5 months ago

5 easy ways to motivate your kids to help clean their rooms

I am sure I am not alone in feeling like when it comes to keeping the kids' rooms tidy, it is a constant battle.

The main problem being, of course, that most kids love making a mess, but when it comes to actually tidying said mess up, they are less keen.

However, you don't have to break your back always cleaning up after them, mama. Instead, try (one of all of) these nifty tricks for getting the kids involved in cleaning in their own rooms.

1. Lend a hand

For younger children, help them out. Pitch in so cleaning doesn't feel like an insurmountable task to them.

2. Give clear directions

Instead of just saying 'clean your room' when you send the kids in to get started, be more specific. Give them directions such as "put the Lego into the blue box" or "the socks go in the bottom drawer."

Initially, you may need to sit in the room with them and tell your children to pick up their books. When they're done picking up their books, give them more instructions, such as, "Put your clothes in your laundry basket."

Soon enough, they will know what you mean when you say 'clean your room' and will be more able to perform the entire operation on their own.

3. Make a check-list

To make things easier, make a check-list – and now your kids know what is expected from them when it comes to cleaning. For kids who can read, write it down, and for younger kids, make illustrations that inform them of what they have to do.

4. Make it a game

Turn cleaning into a game to make it fun. Let them ring a bell when they finish a task. Put a timer on a chore and see if they can beat the clock. It doesn't take much to make cleaning fun for kids and it can make all the difference in their attitude about helping out.

5. When all else fails, offer incentives

You may not want to bribe your kids into cleaning but offering incentives works. You don't have to offer up money or treats, though. How about tempting them with a family movie night if the rooms are cleaned? Or a trip to the playground? Whatever you think will work with your kids, go with that!