Five easy ways to document your child's memorable moments 7 years ago

Five easy ways to document your child's memorable moments

How, HOW do you get to document every memorable moment of your child's life.

Of course, you can't collect every moment, especially when every day seems to be packed with moments that seem like memory (and comedy) gold.

There's the super-cute artwork their chubby little fingers lovingly made, making extra sure not to go outside the lines; there's that time they got flour all over their cute-as-a-button faces (and hair, and clothes, and walls!) as you baked cupcakes together; or the first ever haircut, when they beamed back at you sitting on the little airplane chair, happy-as-larry, as their beautiful baby locks fell to the floor. Sigh.

As much as we would love to, it's impossible to store all these magical moments in your already packed-full noggin, that's why it's so important to mark these little milestones.

Here are a few tips on how you can keep some of these little magic memories alive. 

1. Gallery wall of their artwork

Save the really bright, colourful drawings, and buy a heap of different-sized frames, then get framing in a cool pattern on the wall to really highlight their masterful strokes! The messier their art, the better, it looks really cute and authentic when it's framed. Try arranging these beside images of the family or photographs of the most memorable everyday milestones in their lives (first haircut, first time the tooth fairy came, the first time they mastered riding their bikes) and make a gallery wall of photographs and artwork of everyday moments.  You could also set them a challenge to draw cute animals or a theme, then arrange them in a collection for maximum impact.




Images via The Creativity Exchange blog, worth a follow.

2. Make a collage for their bedroom wall

Of course, you'll need to get printing all your favourite images, but these could be the last images they see falling asleep each night, how cute is that? As they fall into a slumber looking at a collage of happy, smiling, loving memories. The stuff of sweet dreams.


Image via


3. Homemade photo frames

How cute is this idea? Plus it's super-affordable, and so effective too. Perfect for filling a feature wall in your kitchen. It is also great fun for all the family!


Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 14.45.13

Image and instructions to making this from Marta steward via pinterest

4. Keepsake box

Our advice – do this on your first child, once more babies come along, it's hard to find the time. Save things like their first locks of hair, the hospital band, the first little babygro, or photos from the first few days. They will thank you for these wondering keepsakes when they grow up. Promise.


Keepsake box, from Etsy

5. Height charts

The excitement at charting your children's heights is just unforgettable – the squeels of delight as you measure their little heads. And the excitement when they grow even an inch compared to the last measure is so cute. Unforgettable. We love this gorgeous height chart to document their height at various ages.


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