5 things every mum of a LOUD child will know to be entirely true 2 years ago

5 things every mum of a LOUD child will know to be entirely true

I have a loud child.

I know him to be exceptionally loud because I have another, older child who is not so loud.

That and I can observe other children who communicate at much more reasonable decibel levels.

Sometimes it's cute; other times it's amusing. Often it's rather embarrassing - because while my toddler singing at the top of his voice as I wheel him to creche in his buggy is delightful for a period of time, eventually you're surrounded by too much loud.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of five things every mum of a LOUD child will know to be entirely true...

1) Their mood is irrelevant 

Whether they're tired, hungry, happy, sad, bored, or otherwise... your loud child will be loud. So when strangers assume the volume emitting from your little one is reflective of the time of day or their current state - smile and nod. As their mum, you know that such particulars are irrelevant.

2) You get used to the embarrassment


They don't do an indoor voice. They only do their very OTT mix of shouting and singing and yelling. It's hugely endearing - and also almost always embarrassing. You get used to it. Eventually.

3) You appreciate just how quiet other children are

If your loud child is your one and only, you may not question the manner in which your small one communicates. If you have other offspring, however, you'll have a much quieter point-of-reference. Still, in the madness of all the noise, you (probably) wouldn't change a thing. Sure you'll miss it one day...

4) They're actually well-behaved

A few 'tut-tuts' here and there and the odd side-glance from strangers in public - but ultimately you know that your little one is perfectly able to say 'please' and 'thank you' and is actually remarkably compliant with instructions. In a nutshell, being loud does not mean your child is bold or misbehaved.

5) You ultimately can't change nature

There is really no point in fighting the noise; you have a loud child and you should just embrace it.