5 simple activities to keep the little ones entertained during the sunny evenings 2 years ago

5 simple activities to keep the little ones entertained during the sunny evenings

It's officially summer!

Well, as long as the sun stays out and clouds stay away - after that we're right back to winter. Calling it.

Anyway, sunny evenings and long-stretches when you've got a few kids running around mean one thing and one thing only - children wanting to play outside.


And good for them! Childhood isn't really childhood unless you're playing outside, but there are also lots of other creative and bonding-based activities you can easily do with the kids on these evenings if you want to take absolute advantage of that stunning long stretch.

1. Have a back garden picnic 

So simple, yet so divine.

Often when people think 'picnic', they imagine lugging everything you own into your car and driving halfway round the country to sit on the grass.

However, picnics can also happen out in the back garden, no bother at all. Just grab a blanket, some plastic glasses and pasta salad and you're sorted.

2. Go on a nature walk 

Nature is lovely, walks are lovely - the two together are an absolute dream.

There's honestly no better time to get out and about in your local park, trail, or general nice area than now.

3. Do some art together

Arts and crafts are very underrated.

It costs nothing to whip out some paper and a few paints and have the absolute time of your life.

There's a Book of Kells Creative Competition open to primary and secondary school children at the moment too, so you know, no excuse not to get a bit creative.

The first category of the competition is an art competition which invites participants to share a modern and innovative drawing, sketch or painting inspired by the scribes use of images of animals.

The second category is writing, and this competition invites participants to write a poem or short story also centred on the animals in the manuscript.

There's also a few cash prizes and trips going for winner too. Ideal.

4. Have a basic cooking class 

If there's one thing children wish they could do, it's cook themselves up ridiculous and questionably delicious feasts.

Generally, they can't though, because they're children.

Still though, that doesn't mean that we can't let them help us whip something simple up, like a fruit cocktail, or some rice krispie buns, or a giant chocolate cake.


5. Get the BBQ out 

Honestly, who knows how much longer we'll have the weather for it?

Bit of a novelty too - everyone's happy.