Eight parenting milestones that will make you jump for joy (every single time) 3 years ago

Eight parenting milestones that will make you jump for joy (every single time)

One of the biggest pleasures in life, as a parent, is seeing our children growing up before our very eyes.

Everybody always talks about all the developmental milestones that your baby is going to hit.

And while all the standard ones are worthy of celebration (sitting up, walking, getting their first tooth, blah blah blah) of course, I think it's time we gave all the other parental milestones their day in the sun too.

Now, can we get an AMEN for these moments – equally life-changing to a parent as those of a first tooth or a first spoonful of solid food. Turns out, milestones aren't just for babies:

1. First post-baby grown-up outing

Sure, you will probably spend 94 per cent of the time you are out talking about the baby, but hey; you are out of the house. Wearing an actual outfit. And someone is serving you food, and hopefully some cocktails too. If that's not worth a celebration, we don't know what is.

2. First holiday post-baby when they are so big you don't have to chase them around the pool all day

God, can you even remember how good sun loungers feel? I mean; we have all exchanged sympathetic looks with that mum chasing a toddler around a pool - the toddler who ONLY WANTS TO WALK RIGHT ON THE EDGE AT ALL TIMES.

3. The first proper drop-off playdate


A couple of hours to yourself while your child is being entertained and fed and having a great time? Amazing.

4. When they can put on their own shoes

This is a real game-changer (and time-saver).

5. When you can take them to restaurants - actual, proper restaurants

These days, whenever we venture out for lunch or brunch or – gasp – dinner, it mostly goes down like this: One of us inhales food super-quickly while the other person chases toddler around the restaurant or up and down the footpath outside. Then we swap. And then we go home. Sometime, in the future, we are hoping to be able to actually both sit at the table and consume all food while still hot.

6. When they know to (and can actually accomplish being able to) throw up in the toilet

As in, instead of all over their bed, the floor, and you. Do I even really need to explain this one further?


7. When they can put their own seat belt on in the car

Again, such a small skill, yet with such massive meaning.

8. When they can turn on the TV and change channels themselves.

Oh, how this day will bring a spark of joy to your heart.

9.When they can tidy without being told to

I am still waiting on this one too, but have a feeling it will be one to celebrate.

10. When they can make their own breakfast

Even if it is just to assemble a bowl of Cheerios and a glass of Tropicana orange juice. Savor that cup of coffee, mamas. Savour it.

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