Almost half of parents would avail of mental health services for children post lockdown 1 year ago

Almost half of parents would avail of mental health services for children post lockdown

Lockdown was an extremely difficult time for children.

In March our children left school one day and never returned.

Some of them missed out on communions, confirmations, graduations and other end of the year celebrations.

Mostly they missed out on seeing friends and on top of that in early lockdown they couldn't even interact with family members outside their own family unit.

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I found with my own children that it was very hard for them to comprehend what was going on and I still worry about the impact the experience has had on their mental health.

Seemingly, I'm not the only parent with this concern.

According to a recent survey found that as many as 47 per cent of parents would avail of mental health support services for their child as they return to school after the Covid-19 lockdown.


The figure rises to as high as 82 per cent among parents who believe that Covid-19 restrictions have already impacted their child's mental health.

The survey, conducted by childcare provider Sherpa Kids, also found that three in ten parents say the restrictions have negatively impacted their child's behaviour.

Among the data recorded more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of parents feel that the Government should be providing more mental health and wellbeing supports and assistance to children.

With children returning to school this month as a parent I personally think that the government should invest in providing schools with mental health workshops and school counsellors.

We've all had our mental impacted by what has happened, but children in their formative years in particular.

If your child is struggling with their mental health you can get support at children's mental health service Shannon's Hopeline or Jigsaw.